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  • 寄宿家庭住宿
  • 私人出租的住所-单位/房屋份额


寄宿家庭的住宿就是房主让出了自己的研究的时间在家里一个房间给学生。yabo1.conapp下载地址 This is usually a less expensive option and accommodation is available on a five or seven day basis. It is especially recommend for international students as you live with a family and learn about our culture as well as academically. Details of Host Family accommodation and private rented accommodation are available on the TU Dublin StudentPad.


该Stuyabo1.conapp下载地址dentPad,是一个一站式商店在寄宿家庭和公寓/房子股的所有信息。 It can be utilised by all staff, current students and potential students.



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TU都yabo亚博app下载柏林提供真诚的tudublinstudentadsiyabo1.conapp下载地址te及作一般参考之用,不应作为作出任何决定的基础的依据。 It is offered as a courtesy to both students and local landlords.请注意,大学不会检查性质或者进行审查加尔达上房东。TU都yabo亚博app下载柏林不开展未来房东加尔达审批。 You should note, we do not retain information on the performance of these accommodations year to year这是每个学生和他/她的父母有责任检查属性,满足自己,他们是舒适的住yabo1.conapp下载地址宿安排及签署任何协议之前所涉及的个人。对于任何损失或遭受对本网站的任何材料,任何依赖或非依赖的结果损坏不承担责任是由TU都柏林或任何其职员,雇员或代理人所接受。yabo亚博app下载 Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this website, no liability is accepted for any errors or omissions.The information provided on the website is for information purposes only and must not be construed as a representation, recommendation or endorsement made on behalf of TU Dublin. The website content does not form part of any contractual agreement with TU Dublin and any lease, license or letting agreement entered into shall be between the student and the landlord only.Please note that TU Dublin is not a regulatory body insofar as accommodation registered with the University is concerned. It is the responsibility of each student and his/her parents to check the property and satisfy themselves that they are comfortable with the accommodation arrangements and the individuals involved before signing any agreement. The University cannot take responsibility or become involved in any disputes or letting issues between tenants and landlords.Inclusion in our service is at the discretion of the Student Support Office and we reserve the right to withdraw service from any individual without notice.